10 Weeks Until Christmas!

Holy mistletoe, Santa!
It's only 10 weeks till the biggest day of the year for giving gorgeous things from Whink!
Sure there's no snow yet, but we're up to our eyes in glitter prepping the stockroom for Christmas. 
We've got a lot of things happening to make sure both naughty and nice girls get our trademark Whink box under the tree or in the toe of your stocking.
One cool thing we're going to do is tell you the 10 best gifts to give for Christmas to your friends and family - one a week for the next 10 weeks! But we're also going to give you a way to remind that man in your life that Whink is the place to pick up the perfect gift for his special girl. We're calling them Whink Whink Nudge Nudge cards, where you can write a little reminder to your loved ones with your favourite Whink products on them.
So first thing's first, our No. 1 gift to give to girlfriends and that family you see twice a year: Whink Gift Cards!
OK, so this one's not exactly a gorgeous gem, but it really is a great gift for that secret santa at work, the hard to shop for friend, or even for stockings for nieces who love dressing up. 
Whink gift cards come in any amount and you'll be giving the experience of shopping with Whink and a gift they're guaranteed to love!

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