What are you thankful for?

It’s that time of year again, leaves are falling, the air is getting chilly, and we’re all settling in for a big family dinner to celebrate what we’re grateful for.

Thanksgiving at my family’s home is always a good time; lots of laughter and wine and great food.

We talk about what we’re grateful for and this year at Whink, we’re celebrating for a couple of things.

First, we’ve been in our new location on Water Street for just more than one year. It was such an exciting and challenging thing to uproot the stock and staff and move – albeit a small distance – but it was one I don’t regret.

In fact, the second thing I’m so grateful for this year is that we’re still incredibly successful in our new location, and that’s because of you; our customers and friends and supporters.

For the last four years you’ve been with us through good and bad times. We’ve grown and learned from all of you and we’re so grateful YOU are a part of the Whink family.

So happy Thanksgiving everyone, and we hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend.


Candles, Berries and Wooden Box DIY Thankgiving Table Centerpiece Idea

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