9 Weeks Until Christmas!

It's only 9 weeks till the biggest day of the year for giving gorgeous things from Whink!
We are still up to our eyes in glitter prepping for the big holiday season.
This week we are going to tell you about this amazing invention that every girl needs on this planet. A Fairy Fastener. Whats a fairy fastener? Well let us tell you its the best thing since sliced bread! 
Its an award-winning jewelry accessory, created to help you fasten your bracelets at ease.  You simply attach the Fairy Fastener clip to the open end of your bracelet, hold the Bracelet Fairy gently in your hand, and use your free hand to bring the bracelet around your wrist and fasten. Magic! 
Check out this helpful video to give you an idea how it works. Its definitely a Whink gift that needs to be in your stocking this Holiday season!

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