Loren Hope

Loren Hope is one of my favourite jewelry designers of all time. I remember the day I stumbled across her beautiful jewels on someones tumblr account. At the time we didn't have many US jewelry lines in Whink so it was a little bit tricky because I would never get to see her jewelry on any of my buying trips. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving but I got such a good feeling we went ahead and placed our first order. To this day Loren Hope has been one of Whink's number one selling jewelry lines. Loren is always on trend and not to mention bang on with the hit color of the season.

Down at Whink we have a wide variety of her product. From basic studs to her crowd pleasing statement necklaces! 

Loren's jewelry is hand made in the US. Check out her amazing article on "The Art of Jewelry Making"

Below are a few of my favourites! 

Kim Paddon 



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