Behind the scenes! - Filming of Our Summer Faves Video

Ever wonder what it's like when we film one of our videos for Instagram and Facebook? 

Today is your lucky day! You get to pop behind the scenes of our Summer Faves video.

We start our videos before the store opens so it's quiet, we can move furniture, pull stock to share in the video and bring in some extra lighting without interrupting your shopping! 

Once we have everything we need Kim gets glammed up and adds some jewelry to her look! 

Then our social media expert Olivia gets the cameras rolling to cover everything from getting ready, to store displays and of course Kim's commentary! 

Then its all on Kim, she intros and chats about each product, who makes it, why she choose it for the store and any of the fun extras that make each product Whink worthy! 

We keep the products together on a table close by or on the couch with Kim so we can access and display them for still photos to use on social media or here on the website.

Then when its all over Kim signs off and the store is returned to normal, you'd never know we filmed a video before the store opens at 10! 

Finally Olivia edits the video, adds in music, graphics and everything Whink before posting it for you to see! 

We have quite a bit of fun making these videos and were so glad that you love them too! 


Have you seen our Summer Faves video yet?

Which product was your fave? 

Watch it on Facebook or Instagram


~The Whink Gems xoxo 

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