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We Have Exciting News!

Thanks to you and your incredible support, Whink has become what it is today – a passionate little store that loves to feature the most unique art, jewelry and things you’ll find!

We’ve been incredibly fortunate over the past eight years. With support like yours comes the opportunity for us to do even more to show you the incredible creations of local artisans, as well as those hard to find national brands we love so much. 
But there’s only so much we can show you in our little space – and only so many people that our space can accommodate.

And so, we wanted you to be the first to know a secret: We’re thrilled to tell you first that we’re growing! Whink is relocating to a new space, just up the hill in Churchill Square!

Churchill Square itself is buzzing with exciting changes, and Whink is excited to be a part of its next chapter.

For our valued customers, our expansion means you’ll be able to find and peruse even more of the art, jewelry and things you trust us to carry – in a larger, fully accessible new home.

For the creative artisans who we feature, Whink will be able to showcase even more of your work and will become a more spacious and dynamic venue to hold workshops, community-minded events, and artisan networking sessions.

And for our new neighbours, this expansion marks an exciting opportunity to bring something new to one of St. John’s favourite commercial districts and help celebrate the many amenities it has to offer.

Thank you for your continued love and support while we grow into our new space. Be sure to stay tuned for more news about our relocation and GRand Opening Week!

Love, Kim and the Whink girls

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