Foxy Originals

Find your shine at Whink with our NEW Foxy Originals Jewelry! 
Locally Made, Always: Foxy jewelry takes pride in being locally designed and fabricated in their Toronto studio by skilled craftspeople. Quality shines through each Foxy piece.
Find Your Shine: After nearly two decades of creating beautiful jewelry at accessible prices, Foxy’s mission is to make customers feel confident and beautiful. They invite you to find your own shine.
Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures: Foxy’s mantra encourages balance, inner strength, and pleasure in life’s simple moments. Whether it’s a sunny walk, a skincare routine, a hug, or even a good martini, they want you to sparkle with certainty.
Remember, you’re the star of your own story!
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Where every product is a party, and every customer is a gem!

At Whink, we believe in the power of joy, the spirit of celebration, and the importance of details. We are not just a store; we are a vibrant, sparkly, and delightful experience waiting to burst into life! Our mission is to make every moment count, transforming even the smallest occasions into grand celebrations.