Elderflower Mix

Elderflower Mix


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The Third Place Co. decided to start from scratch and reassess what it would mean to revive the art of classic cocktails to the civility of its illustrious past. Every batch of Mix is made by hand with the very best ingredients and botanicals available and each bottle is signed by hand to show not only that the company is truly a small batch operation, but that the founders stand by the quality and integrity of every bottle.

 Fresh citrus is zested for every batch (as it is with all The Third Place  Co. products), and the best Earl Grey tea is combined to add notes of orange, lemon and bergamot.

Mixing Instructions: Add 1 oz , Elderflower to 2 oz of your favourite vodka (preferrably a small batch or craft variety) and 2 oz of fizzy water to a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir to combine.