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Spotlight on...Holly Yashi

Spotlight on...Holly Yashi

Holly Yashi jewellery has been one of our best selling lines since Whink was established in 2010. Based out of Northern California in her studio Holly creates fabulous hand made jewelry. With an art major back ground Holly's designs display an art form that has a functional purpose, and is wearable art. This jewelry tells a story, inspired by nature its truly is a heirloom piece that you will have forever! 

Holly Yashi jewelry is very vibrant with every color of the rainbow. Everyone asks, what is this made of? Well it's a metal called Niobium.

"Named for the goddess Niobe, this magical metal is Holly Yashi’s signature material. Like gold and silver, niobium is an element from the natural world. It is rare, precious, and has the working qualities of fine silver. Niobium is extremely strong yet remarkably lightweight, and though naturally a dull grey in color, it possesses a chameleon-like capacity to retain a wide range of vibrant hues. When submersed in a salt-water bath that is charged with an electric current, the niobium oxidizes. The radiant colors unique to the Holly Yashi designs are the metal’s own permanent oxide—not dye or paint—and they will never rub off the jewelry. It is the perfect metal to work with and to wear! The beautiful result is a look that has become the signature style of Holly Yashi for thirty years." 

Here are a few of our favourite pieces we adore! Again this jewelry is art, bright colors, and looks you can wear day to night. We are always fully stocked in store. For more inquires please contact us in Store at 332 Water Street or email at 

Hope to see or hear from you soon!


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