About Kim Paddon

Meet the fabulous Kim Paddon, the glittering force behind Whink—a boutique
that’s been the talk of the town for its style and pizzazz for over 15 years. With her
iconic specs, a heart for pink, and a love for all that sparkles, Kim has crafted
Whink into a beacon of joy and creativity.
Whink isn’t just a shop; it’s a vibrant showcase of Kim’s exquisite taste, from local
artisanal wonders to breathtaking international treasures. A true artist at heart,
Kim’s journey began at Holland College, where she embraced the world of
graphic design. Her path led her back to the warm community of St. John’s, NL,
where she blended her artistic prowess with savvy retail instincts. It was a
serendipitous Christmas shopping trip with her dad that sparked the dream of
Whink into life.
Since its charming debut in May 2010, Whink has been a style sanctuary,
reflecting the Paddons’ timeless elegance, from its cozy beginnings on
Duckworth Street to its flourishing expansions on Water Street and Churchill
Square, not to mention the growth of the online storefront.
In 2016, Kim dazzled the wholesale jewelry scene, celebrating Newfoundland
and Labrador’s treasured mineral, Labradorite, with her designs gracing
galleries, boutiques, and museums across the continent.
In 2019 Kim purchased The Newfoundland Weavery and breathed new life into
a cherished store and a fixture of Water Street since 1972, ensuring its legacy
continues to inspire and support Newfoundland's finest artisans.
The latest chapter in her entrepreneurial saga? The Carpet Factory! Acquired in
2023 with her husband Robert Paddon and brother Chris Sparkes, this flooring
gem has been a community staple for 30 years.
Away from the whirlwind of business, Kim’s heart is full with her children, Mabel
and Harrington, and the playful antics of her dogs and horse, Kitty. Her husband,
Rob, is her rock and co-pilot in life’s joys and their shared businesses. She’s a
beacon of inspiration, showing us all that with a sprinkle of glitter and a dash of
dreams, anything is possible!